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Filesystem space not free'd up

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Filesystem space not free'd up


An Oracle database file was moved out from one filesystem to another.The space required from the removal of the dbf file was not free'd up.What could be the problem
Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: Filesystem space not free'd up

Hi Andrew,

I'm not sure but I think you are using HP/UX.

If so,

login as root on the server,

locate the filesystem,

# bdf | grep filesystem

# fuser -c filesystem

will let you know if there are any processes holding the filesystem occupied.

# ps -ef | grep pid

will let you know the kind of proccesses.
Probably oracle proces.
If possible shut and start oracle database, this will most likely free up your space.

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Re: Filesystem space not free'd up

Hi Andrew,

If you are using HP-UX, you might consider posting a question in the HP-UX section of the ITRC forums. Here's a link to that site:,,117,00.html

Please note that the same User ID and password you use on these forums work there as well.

Thanks and good luck!

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Re: Filesystem space not free'd up

Just because you deleted the file does not mean that it is gone.

If the file was in use by a process, then it will be deleted when all users free the file descriptor. It is just marked for deletion if it is still in use.

A good way is to put the machine in single user mode, or just reboot.
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