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Font Size in Dtterm

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Rainer Lindenmayer
Occasional Advisor

Font Size in Dtterm

How can i change the Font Size of the Menu Bar in a Dtterm Window on HP-UX 11.00
Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: Font Size in Dtterm

Easiest way is via CDE's style manager located on the front panel. However this will affect other Xclients too most likely.

You could therefore create a dtterm specific resource in say $HOME/.Xdefaults

eg dtterm* : font

I'm not sure the exact font_resource but its most likely one of :

..... basically I'd run xrdb -q and see the specific fonts and how these change when you you use the style manager eg from small to medium, large to xxl etc ....

since the menu font size changes using this method it would seem logical its one of the font resources listed in the xrdb -q output ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Font Size in Dtterm

Hello Rainer,

the resourc should be "dtterm*userFont: 12x24" or
whatever font you want...

Read the PDF I wrote about it, to get the details at

It is in german, but that should not be a problem for
you, should it? :-)