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Forward sendmails to Groupwise

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Regular Advisor

Forward sendmails to Groupwise

Hi all -

I'm looking for a way to forward mail from my 10.20 box to my Groupwise post office. We have transactions that run on the HPUX box. If a transaction fails, the HPUX box sends an email out to a pager to inform someone. Our network is pretty secure & I would like to stay away from just opening up my HPUX box to the internet. I would like HPUX to send the email to the internet via GWIA (Groupwise Internet Agent). Has anyone done this before?
Honored Contributor

Re: Forward sendmails to Groupwise


You need to configure your file for this.

vi /etc/mail/

and look for DS flag by /^DS
put your groupwise server name infront of this.

Save and quit and restart sendmail
by /sbin/init.d sendmail stop;
/sbin/init.d/sendmail start

You can check log file in /var/adm/syslog/mail.log file.

Good Luck..
Sean OB_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Forward sendmails to Groupwise

I believe this is done via the Smart Relay Host macro.

Try setting it to this:

and see if that will relay your outbound mail through your groupwise machine.

Regular Advisor

Re: Forward sendmails to Groupwise

Thanks to both of you. I think that will definately work if I can figure out how to get the send mail to show the sender correctly. Well, I should re-phrase that. It is working correctly, but I want it to work another way. Here's the scenario...
My HPUX box sends the email out to my groupwise server, my groupwise server denies the HPUX email to get outside because the senders domain is not correct... the HPUX email shows the sender as being, when I need it to show How can I get it to show the latter? Thanks for your help.
Mark Fenton
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Forward sendmails to Groupwise

Simple answer is to uncomment the Dj macro in your and substitute the domainname you want:

sendmail's default option is to return the fully qualified name of the machine. Plugging in just the domainname here will override that.

Regular Advisor

Re: Forward sendmails to Groupwise

Thanks to you all. It works now. I had to do some tweaking on the Groupwise side also, but I couldn't have figured that out without your help. Thanks again