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FreeLnx on the 8200 Elite SFF


FreeLnx on the 8200 Elite SFF

I bought a HP/Compaq 8200 Elite SFF workstation with FreeLnx preinstalled. I was hoping this was Suse Linux but it turned out to be a very nicely HP branded Debian install which works great. It is very difficult to install Linux on the 8200 since it has a UEFI/GPT bios, on which many Linux installs choke, so that is why I ordered it preinstalled.


But I have ordered the wrong disk for this 8200 so I want to put in another disk and reinstall this FreeLnx Debian. But an install medium is nowhere to be found and a search for FreeLnx turns up no hits other than pages about PC's you can get it installed on.


Where do I find this FreeLnx distro so I can reinstall it?



syed azam

Re: FreeLnx on the 8200 Elite SFF

The proper CD installer is coming soon....

In the mean time try the attached script and the instructions to go with it.


This version of FreeLnx does not support larger than 2.2 TB drives. 


Following instruction assumes that you are not intimidated by Linux command line.


Step1: connect the new Sata drive - Do this while system is OFF.

Step2: boot from the original freelnx drive - Both drives connected

Step3: Copy ( attached here) to desktop. Hopefully, you are browsing these instructions from FreeLnx system. If not, then extract the attached script and some how copy it on Freelnx desktop.

Step4: Make executable (right click on the file, select properties, go to permissions tab and check the make executable button)

Step5: Open terminal and change directory to Desktop. Run the ./ script as root (sudo su)

Step6: Follow the on screen instructions. It takes about 10-15 minutes.

Step7: After copying is done, system will ask you to remove the original drive and continue the processing of new drive.

Step8: Your old drive is still good you can boot any other system with it.






Occasional Advisor

Re: FreeLnx on the 8200 Elite SFF

Let me know, please, if the proper CD installer is available now.

syed azam

Re: FreeLnx on the 8200 Elite SFF

ISO is now avialable.


Make  a USB disk and boot the system with it.


You need little more than 2 GB on the USB disk.

syed azam

Re: FreeLnx on the 8200 Elite SFF

The FreeLnx installer erases the contents of the hard disk. Back up any data before proceeding. The installer requires that the ISO be 'burned' to a USB flash drive or DVD.

In Linux:

Open a terminal window and enter the command below. This command will overwrite any data on the device you specify. Verify the device name of your USB drive before proceeding. You will need to be root to use the 'dd' command. Become root by entering the command 'sudo su' if the root account is disabled, or 'su' if the root account is enabled.


dd if=pub_softpaq_sp56001-56500_freelnxinstaller_20120308.iso of=/dev/sdb

The example above uses /dev/sdb, but your USB drive could be something else such as /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd, etc. Notice that the name of the ISO file is quite long. Check to see the name of your downloaded ISO for accuracy.

In Windows:

Requires a program that supports burning an ISO to USB or DVD.