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French fonts for netscape

Peter Brimacombe
Frequent Advisor

French fonts for netscape

try accessing with netscape

just try

I get zillions of messages
Name textForm
Class XmTextField
Character o avec un chapeau not suported

can I add a path to my font server to fix this

are there fonts that relate to the choices under netscape => edit => preference => font ?
where can I get them?
Praveen Bezawada
Respected Contributor

Re: French fonts for netscape

What is the version of netscape that you are using?
We have Netscape 4.06 installed and the it seems to be supporting french fonts( no problem is accessing the site you said).
Actually we had the same errors earlier with an older version of netscape.

Honored Contributor

Re: French fonts for netscape

Hi Peter,

No problems on netscape 6.1 or IE 5.5.

which version of netscape are you using?

I am RU
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Re: French fonts for netscape

I got the same problem many years ago (HPUX10.20). I installed HPUX with support (the french-canadian version), a proposed version during installation. The problem was (is?) that fr-ca was not really supported. I reported to HP and they replied that they will take care but I don't know if they did.
To fix the problem, I manually created many links. Create a link fr_CA.iso88591 (did I misspelled?) to fr_FR.iso88591.
You have to do it in many directories (everywhere you find fr_FR.iso88591).
Netscape is not the source of the problem. HP is.
Peter Brimacombe
Frequent Advisor

Re: French fonts for netscape

I'm using Netscape 4.78