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Future Firmware\Driver Release Sets Roadmap

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Future Firmware\Driver Release Sets Roadmap

Is there a roadmap or matrix for future release sets of firmware\drivers for HP BladeSystem?

Something that includes proposed release dates and revision numbers.


This would be handy for planning firmware upgrades throughout the year.



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Re: Future Firmware\Driver Release Sets Roadmap

I don't think you will see anything other than "new release is coming soon ..." ...


Hope this helps!

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Re: Future Firmware\Driver Release Sets Roadmap



Normally HP will release 3 or 4 SPP release sets per year. Notation used is always year.month.sequential number of release... HP will support the 3 latest releases. This means that you will need to organise patch rounds at least once a year...




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Re: Future Firmware\Driver Release Sets Roadmap


About Future firmware/ driver release we won’t get prior updates, however you may refer the below blade matrix links which will surely help for firmware updates.

Below link is for HP BladeSystem Release Sets for ProLiant

Below link gives compatibility downloads and latest firmware DVD bundle.

Firmware Compatibility Table:





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