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FwdMsgAsHTMLEmail formating incorrectly in body

Michael Morlock_3
Super Advisor

FwdMsgAsHTMLEmail formating incorrectly in body

Several months ago I started using the FwdMsgAsHTMLEMail.vbs after observing that FwdMsgAsEmail.vbs seemed to be unreliable when used under heavy load. I know OVOW_00101 was supposed to address that issue.
I also do make use of CDOSEND from OVINTERNALS.
Anyway, FwdMsgAsHTMLEMail.vbs worked fine until we changed SMTP mail relay servers from an Exchange 5.5 server to a Exchange 2000 server.
Now, when an OVOW alarm with text larger than a few dozen characters and uses FwdMsgAsHTMLEmail, the subject and message text with raw HTML coding is included in the body. OVOW alarms that are shorter (under 40'ish) format fine. Only the longer text messages format incorrectly.
Yes, the thing that changed is the smtp relay server and we are investigating differences.
I just wanted to throw this issue out to the forum in case anyone had a similar issue or comment on the cause.
Michael Morlock_3
Super Advisor

Re: FwdMsgAsHTMLEmail formating incorrectly in body

Anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to using FwdMsgAsHTMLEmail.vbs?
One that would format the SMTP email with HTML properties?