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GUI login

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GUI login

How to enable graphical login on HP-UX 11.11?
Any answer will be helpful to me.

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Re: GUI login

Graphics on the server are usually active at run level 3. This is the default run level for most servers)

If you are logging in from a PC over the network, then you you need an application that knows how to communicate with the unix graphcis environment.

there are multiple apps out there. a few examples:

cygwinX (freeware)
ReflectionsX (commercial product)
Exceed(commercial product)

Steven E. Protter
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Re: GUI login


S990dtlogin.rc@ needs to be softlinked in /sbin/rc3.d to its startup script in /sbin/init.d

Steven E Protter
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Peter Nikitka
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Re: GUI login


first check, if it's not already activated:
ps -ef | fgrep dtlogin

If no dtlogin-process is running:
/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -e

Keep in mind:
1) GUI login requires a X11 connection
2) Most servers have no functional VGA port, so only a connection to a remote client will work in that case
3) CDE (that's the GUI) needs a proper network configuration

mfG Peter
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Re: GUI login


do you have a server with a built in VGA and want to enable X on this port?

Please tell us the model too.

Hope this helps!

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Rasheed Tamton
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Re: GUI login

I assume that you want to bring the HP CDE on your PC. In that case, you need a X-software like Hummbingbird
Exceed or ReflectionX or Xmanager, etc on your PC/Workstation to get the CDE.

Login to the server and type
#export DISPLAY=IP:0.0
#/usr/dt/bin/Xsession &

Prior to that you have to start the xserver on the server.
/sbin/init.d/dtlogin.rc start

ps -ef|grep dtlogin

Rasheed Tamton.
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Re: GUI login


if you need this on the default server graphics console, then you will have to place a symbolic link in the /sbin/rc3.d directory and named appropriately, such as
"S990dtlogin", this script will automatically start the dtlogin window
after the HP-UX system boots to its multi-user level.

hope this help too!
kind regards
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Re: GUI login

Thanks for the response