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Genral & Hardware Advice

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Genral & Hardware Advice

I'm pretty much brand new to Linux but want to set up one of my spare E40 Netservers with some Linux Distro, I was thinking Red Hat or SuSe but I really need something which has quite a bit of support and prog's online and will run on the old E40 with a Pentium Pro 200 so basically any advice to newbies is welcome.
(This question proberley pops up every other day so sorry in advance)
Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: Genral & Hardware Advice

Red Hat is a pretty good distribution, full of support if required.

AS your E40 is quite old, I would try 7.3 version, lighter than 9.0, which is the last one (but still better).

I heard that some E series had some difficulties with scsi drive stting on install, but I'm not sure your is concerned.

Just try to install and let us know if something goes wrong ! :]]

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Re: Genral & Hardware Advice

I'm tryin NT 4.0 on one and proberley Red Hat 7.3 or something similar, (going on what you said) i'll open the post up again if it doesnt work.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Genral & Hardware Advice

I haven't seen this question in a while.

I'd run with Red Hat. I've actually found 7.3 to be a really stable release, with good hardware support.

The newer Red Hats suffer from feature bloat, and they arbitrarily get rid of wu-ftpd(a good server) and upgrade to sendmail 8.12 without a decent migration guide for custom configurations.

For that processor speed, I'd go with 7.3, unless you run totally text mode. I don't need X Windows anymore except to run Red Hat Update.

I'll warn you that Red Hat sends out surveys once in a while and if you don't answer they cut off your Red Hat Update privledges. Annoying, but they really do put out solid updates.

Steven E Protter
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Stuart Browne
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Re: Genral & Hardware Advice

I fun 7.3 on a PPro150 quite happily (even if it only has 64MB ram). a 200 will be happy with all eratta.
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