Re: Gentoo and iLo virtual install

aaron andrews_1
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Gentoo and iLo virtual install

Im trying to get a dl360 g3 to boot to the virtual cd off of another server in our datacenter. I gets through the boot then exits out of the gentoo-nofb kernel boot/install.

basically it kicks out of the boot routine when trying to mount the cdrom.

how would i get the cdrom mounted, the usb drivers dont seem to be there in the gentoo 2004.1 install so modprobe scsi_mod isnt working.

Charles Harris
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Re: Gentoo and iLo virtual install

Hi, the Gentoo liveCD 2004.1 has been updated, I'd get the latest version and give it another whizz, depending on the server you are trying to install Gentoo on, you may also require extra options. You could try passing the cd-cache (or similar) option, which puts the installation media in memory before starting.

Good luck,