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Gettng printer to print in landscape

Jeremy Blough
Occasional Advisor

Gettng printer to print in landscape

I need an epson thermal printer to print in landscape mode. It is network printer useing the dumb_plot_2.0 model. I will paste the script here. I was wondering if anyone knows the sed command or another easy way of doing this to force it to print in landsape.

# Handle disable and cancel traps
trap "trap 15;kill -15 0;exit 0" 15

# The remaining arguments are files

shift; shift; shift; shift; shift

# Plot the spooled files

while [ $i -le $copies ]
for file in $files
cat "$file" | sed 's/$/\^M/' 2>&1
i=`expr $i + 1`
) >> /tmp/$$mpc1vchmp2
cp /tmp/$$mpc1vchmp2 $1
pr -w98 -l24 -tF $1
exit 0
Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: Gettng printer to print in landscape

Refer to your Epson Printer's programmers' manual. If you don't have such a thing, scour the internet or contact Epson. There has to be a code telling the printer to use landscape mode. This code needs to be inserted to the beginning of the print job. Your script can not change the printer's paper orientation as you are using a dumb printer model. What so called Epson ESCape codes (or what they were used to be called when Epson was the de-facto dot matrix printer manufacturer in its day) is your key to accomplish this.
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