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Ghost Imaging

Derek Cunnea
New Member

Ghost Imaging

I support HP Compaq Desktops and Laptops with Windows XP SP2 using different HP Network and non network printers. What Ghost\Imaging software would you recommend me using?
Andrew Cowan
Honored Contributor

Re: Ghost Imaging

In my opinion, Norton Ghost for Windows, or boot from Linux and "dd" the entire partition, and Mondoarchive for native Linux partitioning.
Zeev Schultz
Honored Contributor

Re: Ghost Imaging

There are commercial products like Symantec Ghost or Achronis TrueImage. There are also
open source alternatives which would require
more work,not include nice GUIs and alike.

See this bundle of such tools :

partimage - tool that lets you save partitions
parted - tool to edit partitions

Personally,I found partimage quite simple to use,actually if you have everything under "/"
its easy to build one iso,gzip it,put it somewhere in the network or burn to cd/dvd.

When recovering you need to boot with SysRescue ISO,possibly recreate partitions with parted,then recover with partimage backup.

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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Ghost Imaging


Wondering what this case is doing in Linux land.

We've used Acronis, for Linux and Windows the same way you would use ghost or mondo rescue.

In all cases however if there are radical hardware differences the transfer fails.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation