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Giveing error


Giveing error

hi all

i have a DDS3 tape drive in HP E-45,with HPUX 10.20 loaded on to it. the required DDS3 patches are loaded.when i am trying to copy some file on to the tape it gives < hardware path of the tape> unable perform close opration and exits.This problem comes only when i use DDS3 dats but is i use any other DAT DDS/DDS2 dat it goes through without any problem. where could be the problem?
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Vincenzo Restuccia
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Re: Giveing error

Your model of tape is only DDS/DDS2.
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Re: Giveing error

maybe your DDS drive is not DDS3 but rather DDS2?

Have you got online diagnostics?
install and issue a
tools->info->run on the HW path of the DDS drive. This should give you the model type, f/w and s/w.

It works for me (tm)
Stefan Farrelly
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Re: Giveing error

If you do the command; ioscan -fkCtape

Does the description of your tapes drive say its an;
HP C1533A (which is a DDS 2)
HP C1537A (which is a DDS 3)

The important bit is it should say HP in the description, as this means its got HP firmware loaded so its compatible with HP servers trying to talk to it.
Then if you do the command; lssf /dev/rmt/?m
It should say;

stape card instance 1 SCSI target 1 SCSI LUN 0 at&t best density available at address ??? /dev/rmt/XX
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Re: Giveing error

Hi Sudhir

I think the problem is that you are using a non compatible Tape Drive and the Media . Please check for the Drive type , it has to HP DDS3 for the Unix machine , sometimes the ones used in Netservers are used in the Unix Boxes too. Also please do check the media type .

Manoj Srivastava