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HA NFS hanging problem

Valued Contributor

HA NFS hanging problem

I have implemented MC service guard extension for SAP.When I stop the package which also run HA NFS, my both the servers hangs and responds with message " NFS server unable trying". Package config is OK. Switching of packages is also tested and founf fine. Can anybody help me ?
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: HA NFS hanging problem

What version of OS?

I have found that forcing tcp increases the stability:

In /etc/suto_master

/- /etc/ proto=tcp

/usr/sap/trans svrtrans:/export/usr/sap/trans
/sapmnt/PRD prddbf:/export/sapmnt/PRD
/data/sap/PRD/ARCHIVE prddbf:/export/data/sap/PRD/ARCHIVE
/APPL prdcif:/export/APPL
/usr/sap/xfer prdcif:/export/usr/sap/xfer


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