HCF Modem driver

Mary Kay
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HCF Modem driver

Just to clarify your last message, you meant to go to Modem properties, click on the HCF Modem, and then click, remove? That's what I did.
Thanks for your patience!!!
Mary Kay
Albert E. Whale, CISSP
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Re: HCF Modem driver


This is Albert - not to be confused with Alfred (Batman where are you when I need you???).

After you have the software Driver re-installed, I would do two things. Check Windows Update for a New Driver (might as well check the HP Site as well - let me know if you need a pointer).

Second I would use the System Information Tool. It should tell you about any conflicts.

One more thing. You origrinally mentioned that you had a Camera placed on the PC? What COM port is it on? How about the Modem?

Have you tried removing the Camera Software? Perhaps this is the problem.
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