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Mike Burk

HELP root account locked out!!

somehow the root account on my J5600 got locked out. FASTBOOT and SECURE are enabled at the BOOTPROM. How do I unlock the root account? I can't go to single user mode b/c of FASTBOOT and SECURE. is there a way to disable these features? I have access to the system with my regular user account but that is it. Please help
Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: HELP root account locked out!!

You should be able to login from the console not from CDE. Restart your GUI and select command mode login.

Then login as root and run the command modprpw -k.

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Michael Tully
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Re: HELP root account locked out!!


You can unlock the root account by using this
# /usr/lbin/modprpw -k root

if you have access. You must be root to run this. If not do you have 'sudo' installed?

Your options are limited if you don't have these.

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Re: HELP root account locked out!!

Hi Mike,

Not sure if you already resolved the issue or not? If you don't have sudo set up or have another root id set, the other option is to boot off of the Install/Support Media for 11.00 and updating the password file. The procedure is not very straight forward but its not that difficult either. If you have a support contract you can call up HP and they can lead you through it, if not look at the doc ID OZBEKBRC00000582, it will give you some idea.

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Re: HELP root account locked out!!


SO U got to do onething..

Boot the machine.

Interrupt and insert the Install media

boot through the install media and

select "Recovery Shell"

There U will get a Root shell and should

be able to reset the password

Hope this helps

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Mike Burk

Re: HELP root account locked out!!

Thanks to all for the answers, I had to pull out the HDD and then let the machine try to boot. When it failed to boot it defaulted to the BOOTPROM menu. I disabled FASTBOOT and SECURE and then ran ISL> hpux -is follwed by # /usr/lbin/modprpw -k root This worked like a champ!!!
Thanks again
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Re: HELP root account locked out!!

I been able to boot into Super User mode as recommended (hpux -lm) but, there is no /usr/lbin directory.

/sbin/passwd command asks for old password which isn't working anymore.

I only have one account root.

I'm not able to boot off CDROM because of some hardware issue.

Any ideas?