HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

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Michael Williams_6
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HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

Hello all once again,

For those of you following my millions of posts, our move away from SCO to Linux is going great, there's loads of new things that we can do and I'd like to explore some of the more useful parts of Linux so:

We've just moved everyone away from the insecure execd and over to SSH with PuTTY and with Windows interface. We still use X, we X11 forwarding has been set up and I've got a script that will re-configure people's .profile and .kshrc files to ensure that this will all work correctly.

On top of this, I'd like to check X works by creating a pop-up screen with an OK button and catching the retval of this, or if a certain time-limit hits, kill the pop-up and report an error.

I have no idea how to do this! Windows had the messenger service, which made things easier! Is there any utils to do this? I'm keen not to install anything than the standard apps, so if there's a perl module you need to compile, we won't be keen, it has to come with SuSE Enterprise Linux 8...

Any suggestions guys?

Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

When I need to pop up a message I use
smbclient utility on redhat station.
the syntax is:
smbclient -M hostname

Mark Grant
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Re: HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

A simple solution is "xmessage" which is probably installed already.

For a programable solution, I would think tkperl is the easiest. You need to install a recent perl and the perltk module from cpan. You can do quite complex systems with this and it's all perl :)
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Michael Williams_6
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Re: HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

Thanks Alex, but I'm testing out that the X Display is correctly routed through PuTTY, so using Samba wouldn't help me there.

Thanks Mark, xmessage indeed did exactly what I wanted, even if it was really ugly!!

Long-term I might look at tkperl, unless someone comes up with an even easier solution!

Rick Beldin
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Re: HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

Python might be a good solution. It is intended for sysadmin type tasks and is what is used to implement Red Hat's Red Hat Network (rhn_register, up2date_gnome) and other utilities.

Sys Admin magazine:

had a recent series on Python programming. Don't know if the content is available on the web but the articles seem pretty good and the mag is fairly add-free.
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Roberto Polli
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Re: HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

If you want a messaging service for unix and win try jabber.
Alvaro Miranda Aguilera
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Re: HOWTO: GUI Pop-Up Mesage

what about exceutin xterm with a script ?