Re: HP 690c deskjet printer

Vivian Wilkins
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HP 690c deskjet printer

My printer is making a loud grinding noise on start up and when commencng
printing. I have attempted to search the HP helpdesk facility without luck

I woder if any one out there in HP land can help. I need the printr for home
and work. I would prefer to get help from the other users out there rather than
be ripped off !

Please help
Axel Koenig
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Re: HP 690c deskjet printer

This has nothing to do with Linux..

But if your DeskJet 690 makes loud sqeaking noises ists time to clean it. You
should clean the clear plastic strip inside carefully, also the metal tube
where the carriage slides and all rollers. I think there is also a cleaning kit
available from hp support...
Owen Sypher
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Re: HP 690c deskjet printer