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HP 715/80 Workstation

Jeffrey F. Goldsmith
Super Advisor

HP 715/80 Workstation

I have this workstation in my office and haven't had a need to use it for the past couple of years. It has HPUX 9.x and on my server I am using HPUX 11.x and I really don't want to pay to upgrade the OS. I want to start using the box again and wanted to know if I could install Linux onto it? Would it be a clean installation? I have a copy of redhat Linux 6.1 and 5.2.

Thanks for any and all help.
Tim Malnati
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 715/80 Workstation

The Puffin Project is the initiative for porting Linux to HP's pa-risc processor platforms. I'm not sure of the current status of things, but last I knew, their priorities are set for the newer HP machines. I'm not sure if your old workstation even hit the todo list. Unless you are into doing a lot of hacking on c source at the system level, Linux is probably not an option for you. For more inf on the project see

A while back HP was distributing free updates to 10.20 as part of the Y2K initiative. I'm not sure if this upgrade is still available but a search of the Forums should find some references.
Gerard Leclercq
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP 715/80 Workstation

Why not using it as a XWINDOWS Terminal?
You would have nothing to do, just restarting with hpux 9.
hpux 9 is said not Y2K compatible, but in practical works very well.
(I still have many 715/80 with hpux 9 in operation)

Gerard Leclercq

Christoph Plattner
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP 715/80 Workstation

I know from the puffin group (parisc-linux) that this machine
can run linux. I have a 720 running linux. The root file system is a trying version at the moment, but it is not so difficult to "hack up" a linux following the personal usage. It is quite interesting to do that....

With friendly regards