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HP Brio on SuSE 6.2?

Richard Tirtadji
Occasional Visitor

HP Brio on SuSE 6.2?

Can someone from HP help me out with this problem?
Try to install SuSE 6.2 on HP BRIO Pentium III 450 with 128MB. Which is a
breeze however when I try to install the Xwindows then the monitor go blank and
all the green dot light up like a chrismast tree...BTW it used HP 55 series

Any idea would be appreciated.
Patrick Watts_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP Brio on SuSE 6.2?

Hi Richard,

I take it you have a model D6646A which ships with an ATI Rage Pro
graphics chip. SuSE 6.2 comes with XFree 3.3.4 which should work well with the
Mach64 based Rage Pro. Are you using xf86config or XF86Setup? Does the
monitor go blank as soon as you start the setup utility? Also, what is is
product number on the back of your monitor?