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HP Cobol


HP Cobol

Hi, i??m moving HPUX 10.20 from E Class to D Class.
Into E35 have a HP Cobol installed.

Question: If I copy the HP Cobol from E to D it??s works???
P.s. I dont have the HP Cobol install disks.

Olav Baadsvik
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP Cobol

Depends on what version of cobol you
If you have a version that uses the
flexlm lisence-server the situation is
like this:

. The flexlm lisence-server runs on one
machine in your network and keeps track
of the number of concurrent users of
the cobol-compiler.
. If the lisence-server is running on a
machine that still will be online you
should have no problem. Because with
the lisence-scheme using flexlm you may
install cobol on as many machine as you
like and the lisence-server will check
that the number of concurrent user is not
bigger than what you have lisences for.

. If the lisence-server is running on a
machine that will not be available any
longer, you will have to move the lisence-
server to another machine. This will
involve getting a new file with lisence-