HP DeskJet 660Cse

Nelson Magedman
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HP DeskJet 660Cse

My printer had poor color quality printing from the start. It was sent in for repairs and worked OK for a while. Problem is that the color printing is puffy, i.e., color does not spread properly, gives a cloudy effect. Also, sometimes very think white lines are seen. Maintenance procedures have been done repeatedly without success in increasing quality. Short of sending the printer in for repairs (??) is there something that I can do to get better quality.
Robert Gamble
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Re: HP DeskJet 660Cse

Try looking at the support page for that printer: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/prodhome/dj660cz.html

The most common causes for white streaks in black text or images are:

1.The ink cartridges have poor contact with the printer.
2.The ink cartridges need to be cleaned.
3.One or both of the ink cartridges are out of ink.

Also see: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/printers/support_doc/bpa00524.html