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HP Device Manager Gateway and WDS


HP Device Manager Gateway and WDS

Would anyone happen to know if HP Device Manager Gateway and WDS can live on the same server?  I'm trying to consolidate servers thus installed the HPDM Gateway service on one of my WDS/MDT servers and afterwards, the WDS server hung at the PXE boot up.  I think this may be caused by both WDS and the HPDM Gateway competing for PXE resources but don't know for sure. 


Below is all I could find regarding PXE and HPDM 

"Start PXE service when Gateway is started

 Determines whether the PXE service is started along with the Gateway. The PXE service is always installed with the

Gateway but can be independently controlled (by changing this setting to NO) if required. You should set this to YES for most situations so the PXE service starts/stops when the Gateway starts"