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HP FAX solution

Larry Basford
Regular Advisor

HP FAX solution

What are other people using for FAX ?

Our company is looking for a UNIX based fax solution for both incoming and outgoing faxes.
The solutions needs to be routable from a character base terminal interface outbound and routed incoming by sending location with aditional information added for tracking.
This needs to be centralized and distributed to the whole United States. (WAN in place) to display, print and store.
I've looked at Hylafax and it will do most of what I need but need a beter interface to a larger volume than modems will provide. Say 50 faxes per hour.
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Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: HP FAX solution

Have you checked out VSI-Fax?
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Jim Welch
Respected Contributor

Re: HP FAX solution

HP used to sell a product called MPower which included a fax solution. The fax part was obsoleted back in 1996. HP sent out a letter to MPower customers with a list of 3rd party fax and scanner products. Here is the list. (I don't know how many of these products still exist.)


Faximum Software Inc.
1497 Marine Drive, Suite 300
West Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V7T 1B8
Telephone: 604 925-3600

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.
4 Pleasant Street
P.O. Box 2083
Forge Village, MA. 01886
Telephone: 508 692-0022

Fax Sr.
8 Industrial Way
Salem, NH. 03079
Telephone: 800 886-7845

Replix Network Fax Software
SoftLinx, Inc.
234 Littleton Road
Westford, MA. 01886
Telephone: 508 392-0001

Siren Fax Family
Siren Software
505 Hamilton Ave.
Palo Alto, CA. 94301
Telephone: 415 332-0600

V-Systems Incorporated
32232 Paseo Adelanto, Suite 100
San Juan Capistrano, CA. 92675-9801
Telephone: 714 489-8778


Vividata, Inc
1250 Addison Street, Suite 213A
Berkeley, CA 94702
Telephone: 510 841-6400
Fax: 510 841-9661

1700 Alma Drive, Suite 110
Plano, Texas 75075
Telephone: 800 636-8259 or
214 423-9377
Fax: 214 423-1145

XVScan, Ltd
300 South 16th Street, Suite 807
Omaha, Nebraska
Telephone: 402 344-4426
Fax: 402 341-7119

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Larry Basford
Regular Advisor

Re: HP FAX solution

Thanks for the responses.
We are continuing to search for a UNIX solution. is definately not a solution. looks good so far.
If anyone has experience with that product I would like to hear from you.
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Ralph Grothe
Honored Contributor

Re: HP FAX solution

Sorry folks for abusing your thread for a wee experiment.

See if this gives me a working link to a
site well worth visiting?

same link
using external JS func.

In case this didn't come out as I wished,
could anyone of the ancestral posters reveal me the trick to post working links here?
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Ralph Grothe
Honored Contributor

Re: HP FAX solution

how come this works now even without the silly HTML tags?
In my prior postings links didn't come out as clickable
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