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HP Jetdirect and routers(macs vs.W98)

Bruce Kocher
Occasional Visitor

HP Jetdirect and routers(macs vs.W98)

We have a network with a router seperating the student side from the faculty
side.The Macs can access the printers and servers on either side, no problem.
The Windows machines access the server by use of the LMHosts file mapping the
netbios name to the ip address.Yet, I am unable to do that with the printers.
It seems I need netbeui to map but that's not routable.How can I map the HP
jetdirect printers on the opposite side of the router?
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: HP Jetdirect and routers(macs vs.W98)

Hi Bruce,

You can try to go into the JetDirect configuration and check the default
gateway settings. If a router is between the PC or server and the HP JetDirect
print sever, the default gateway must be the IP address of the router on the HP
JetDirect side. If that doesn't work, you can try adding the ip address of the
print server to the workstation's routing table using a route add command.

Jamie Hughes