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HP Kayak XW U2 serie with AccelGraphics videocard.

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HP Kayak XW U2 serie with AccelGraphics videocard.

I try to install Mandrake 8.0 in a HP Kayak XW U2 serie with AccelGraphics vid?ocard. During the X configuration, when I look to the cards information, I have an unknown Mitsubichi device with VGA display in bracketts.In the list of choice of video device, I don't have any AccelGraphics device, so I just need a standard device advice. my monitor is a HP model 2846A. Sorry for my english which isn't so good.
Jerome Fenal_1
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Re: HP Kayak XW U2 serie with AccelGraphics videocard.

Your card should read as AccelEclipse, no ?
Well, this card is not supported by XFree86.
And it doesn't seem to be supported by either commercial X I've looked at (Metro-X and XiGraphics).

Too bad, but you may ask HP to release code and specs to to do it (if enough people ask for/need it, but I doubt, how many cards were sold by HP ?).
They've written a driver for the (new ?) Fx5/10 Vizualize card, but I don't think it will work out of the box (was written for RH62, wouldn't work on Mdk72, even with right kernel).


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