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HP Laptop ZE4125 ACPI problem

Artem M.
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HP Laptop ZE4125 ACPI problem

I have HP laptop model ze4125 with athlon xp cpu. I have istalled mandriva 2006 and everythings looks good except hi temperature of cpu arround 70 C, cpu fan works really fast and noisys to cool cpu but nothing happend, the temperature slow goes up from 69 to 73 and cooler works harder and harder. I check acpi modules load by lsmod command and I see thermal, ac, button, battery ... etc - every module already run. Acpid is is runing too.

So I think may be I need to configure acpid or acpi for my laptop but I dont know how.

PS: acpi is turned on
the related problem is that I cant properly shutdown my laptop, after massage: "The system is restarting" I have got the next message "No reboot fixup find for your hardware" and laptop freezes and to power it off I need to press power button some time - about 6 sec. When I turn off acpi in lilo (acpi=ht) the laptop reboot without any problem.

One more I have found that the directory /proc/acpi/fan/ is empty. What do you have in this cat?
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Re: HP Laptop ZE4125 ACPI problem

I'd be a little more concerned about what is running on the laptop right now that's causing the temp to rise like that with the fan running full blast. Get "top" installed and see what's eating your CPU resources...