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HP ML10 v2: unable to install Ubuntu Server 14.04

Occasional Contributor

HP ML10 v2: unable to install Ubuntu Server 14.04

I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 on my Hp ML10 v2 (Pentium G3240 model).

I know about the B120i controller raid driver problem with Ubuntu, so I set in the bios the controller to AHCI SATA mode.

I create an USB pendrive with Universal-USB-Installer (as suggested on Ubuntu wiki) and boot the ISO from it.

When the installation starts, I have a menu with several choice: here I can use keyboard to move to the choiche I want and I can press enter to select it.

But when I try to install the OS, on the first screen (language selection) the keyborad doesn't work anymore and I can not proceed.

Before I see the language selection page, I can read this message on the screen:

[Firmware Bug]: the BIOS has corrupted hw-PMU resources (MSR 38d is 330)

mount: mounting /dev/sda on /media failed: Invalid argument
unmount: can't umount /media: Invalid argument
mount: mounting /dev/sda on media failed: Invalid argument

I use a wireless keyboard from Logitech, and tried to plug the USB reciever in the USB2 and USB3 port, but nothing changes, but I don't know if it is a keyboard problem.

Can someone help me to complete the installation?



I add this info: I use a pendrive USB 3, size 16Gb. I tried both USB 2 and USB 3 ports, with no success.

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP ML10 v2: unable to install Ubuntu Server 14.04

Find the problem: it was the wireless keyboard.

I replaced it with a USB model and I can complete the installation.

Now the problem is that I can not boot from the HDD where Ubuntu is installed!

The controller is set so AHCI SATA (no RAID controller) and the HDD is in slot 1.

What can I do?