HP NetServer 5/133 LH Help!

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HP NetServer 5/133 LH Help!

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this littl question.

Today my company gave me a HP NetServer 5/133 LH.

The box has 2 drives in it right now, with 4 gig each. I guess it could hold 6 drives in total.

My question is that I would love to load linux on it. Does it matter which linux I load on it?

I would like to run the Red Hat 8 and up.

So if anyone has any good ideas let me know ok

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Re: HP NetServer 5/133 LH Help!

How much memory is in the machine? If it is less that 64MB I wouldn't even bother trying.

Given the specs of the machine, I'd suggest going a bit older, to 7.3 or maybe even 7.1 (the libraries are less taxing).

The disks should be fine, but you may not be able to get a full install, it depends how they are set up (if on a RAID controller as raid1 (mirrored), then you'll only have 4gb available, thus maybe not. If set up as radi0 (spanning) you'll not have any space issues).

Don't even bother trying to run it in a GUI mode however. It doesn't have the grunt.
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