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HP PhotoSmart Cameras under Linux?

Kenneth Platz
Esteemed Contributor

HP PhotoSmart Cameras under Linux?

(This is a repost from the Digital Imaging forum)


I recently purchased a Photosmart C500 camera, and I would like to get this to work under Linux if possible. From my preliminary research, I understand that this should be accessible via the USB Mass Storage device driver; however, whenever I power on the camera and try setting it to "Play", the USB daemon errors out saying "Unknown USB device detected".

I have tried this with kernel version 2.2.15-mdk4, and I'm currently in the process of upgrading my system to support the 2.4.0-test kernels to try this out on there.

Is this just an issue with hacking the existing mass storage driver to accomodate the C500's USB vendor & device ID's, or would a completely new driver need to be written for this? If the case is the former, I can probably work with the source code to get this to work; however, if this is the latter it is most likely beyond my current area of expertise (but it sounds like a fun project to work on).

Any suggestions, anyone?
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Dave Kelly_1
Respected Contributor

Re: HP PhotoSmart Cameras under Linux?

A quick check on the web revealed the following page:

It sounds as if the author had some success.