HP Plotter on Linux

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HP Plotter on Linux

We have an HP DesignJet (non-Postscript) plotter. It works fine as a networked Windows plotter. I can also print to it from HP-UX (I configured the printer with hppi and I used lp to send an HP_GL file). I can also use the Windows commandline, 'net use \\server\printer LPT1' and then 'copy /b HP-GL.plt /b LPT1' also prints the image correctly

How do I get it to work from Linux (RedHat 6.2)? I thought that I should be able to set it up as a remote printer (printtool) and just send to HP-GL file to it. It prints the HP-GL as text, not the image.

I choose HP DesignJet 650 in printtool. I have tried to print a PostScript file, that works (through gs, I suppose), but that is not helping me to print HP-GL files.

I thought there should be a way to send the file to the printer without any conversion or printer control stuff, isn't that called 'raw'?

Any suggestions? Thanks
Vincenzo Restuccia
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