HP QLogic Drivers on Debian Lenny

Brian Bullen
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HP QLogic Drivers on Debian Lenny

I have tried to get the HP qlogic drivers working on Debian 5.0 with it's shiny new 2.6.26 kernel.
I know these drivers do not officially support debian but they always worked on sarge and etch if we fooled the install scripts into thinking it was on Redhat.

I had to hack the code a little to get the modules to build, since the scsi API has changed slightly in this kernel.

Now that they are built I get the following errors when trying to modprobe qla2xxx:
qla2xxx: no symbol version for inter_module_get_request
qla2xxx: Unknown symbol inter_module_get_request
qla2xxx: no symbol version for inter_module_put
qla2xxx: Unknown symbol inter_module_put

I definately built them against the current kernel. Is "no symbol version" a new thing for linux 2.6.26? The "unknown symbols" should be provided by intermodule which is loaded so I don't understand why they are unknown.

Has anyone managed to get these drivers working on debian 5.0?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: HP QLogic Drivers on Debian Lenny


HP has a Proliant Service Pack(PSP) release to support various versions of Linux. If Debian Lenny is not on the list there may not be hardware drivers that you need.

PSP includes all needed hardware drivers for supported Linux distributions.

Steven E Protter
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