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HP Secure Linux rocks !!!

Rickard Fernstrom
Occasional Contributor

HP Secure Linux rocks !!!

Hi all

I took the HP Secure Linux class last week in Stockholm, Sweden.

It was very good course and very good invested 3 days of time and money.

I recomend with everyone with some interest in security to take a look at the HP Secure Linux.

It is designed to protect and "store" applications, such as; DNS, WEB, NFS, NTP, SAMBA and more. Applications are kept in their own compartments and if one of then gets compromised, the other ones are still protected. Add a chroot and it will be even more safe!
Hewlett-Packard has really done thier homework.
I'm convinced that we will see a lot of HP Secure OS protected sites out there, really soon...
I belive what i Trust and Trust what I belive