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HP Server / Sles 11 time-out hpasmlited

Van Den Ouweland Kristo
Occasional Visitor

HP Server / Sles 11 time-out hpasmlited

Hi all,

Recently, we started installing the new sles 11.0 version on our servers. We noticed that those servers have a humongous increased boot time in comparison with sles10.2. (differs between 5 and 20 minutes no kidding....)

During the boot, it was always the same app/service which delayed the actual boot:

the hp health agent involved is

After some time, which can takes very long, it just continues without any remark, message or whatever in the logs saying why it time out, or why it is taking so long.

Did anyone experience a similar issue and now how to solve it?

Thanks for sharing

Just some additional information.
Server hw can be different but is AMD based with 130 GB of RAM
Server type can be hp585g5 / hp585g2 (also noticed it with bl35p / bl45p)
hp-snmp-agents version hp-snmp-agents-
hp health agent: hp-health-