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HP ServiceGuard for linux

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HP ServiceGuard for linux

I would like to know if i can configure a cluster with HP serviceGuard on Suse Linux 9 ES. The servers and storage are HP DL380 and MSA 500
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Kouyate Maury
Steven E. Protter
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Re: HP ServiceGuard for linux

Answer appears to be yes.

Hardware list:

Melvyn will undoubted confirm or correct this.

Steven E Protter
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Geoff Wild
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Re: HP ServiceGuard for linux

And here is the cost in Canadian:

It appears the product number for SG for Linux is B9902BA. SG for Linux also requires a license per server cluster node. There are other add on products like SG Extensions for SAP (T1227AA).

B9902BA approx $3000
307754-B24 node license approx $1500

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melvyn burnard
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Re: HP ServiceGuard for linux

You would need SGLX Version 11.16 as per this document:

The MSA 500 is supported with Smart Array 5i and 532 HBAs and provide RAID functionality for data protection. The 2 port Smart Array Cluster Storage only supports a single SCSI link from each node. Therefore, the SG/LX disk monitor is used to monitor the storage links and fail over the package if a link to the array goes down.

The DL380 G2, G3 and G4 servers are supported
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