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HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

Byron Miller
Occasional Visitor

HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

I was wondering if HP has any sizing information for Oracle Applications 11i - AP/AR/WIP/MRP/PO/PA/GL/OE and RDBMS 8i (8.1.6).

We are currently running and 11.0.3 on a K200 maxed out. (4 cpus, full autoraid and 3.5 gigs of memory). It "runs", albeit not very fast, but it works.

I know the database grows ~40 percent and the applications installation size nearly triples with the migration, but the thing that really makes budgeting and planning hard is the recommendation of 400mhz processor and a two tier environment.

400mhz+ means L or N machines. N for database as i don't want to restrict to 2 cpus, and almost the same for 2nd tier of form servers. I know when oracle says the minimum requirements that it is MINIMUM and i want to satisfy some performance issues during out planning here.

So do people actually run 8i/11i on a 4 processor K460 with 4 gigs of memory successfully? What does HP size fora moderate installation of 75 concurrent users?

Thanks for any help!
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.


I belive N4000@440MHZ will do better.

get more info in this URL.

Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

We run a variety of setups here. A K580 with 4x 240Mhz CPUs and 4GB Ram and some nice quick disks (EMC) performs very nicely with 8i/11i. Your main problems are that your autoraids are really slow - get some faster disk, and you need some faster CPU's. Going from your K220's 160 (?) Mhz up to 240's on a 570/580 will help quite a lot there. In future you will want the 440/550's on an L or N, the increase in performance is wonderful - as long as you have faster disks also.
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John Palmer
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

A couple of points:-

A K460/4 is approximately 3 times the power of a K200/4.

L2000 servers can have 1-4 CPU's and they are quick compared to a K?60 but I don't have any relative performance figures to hand.
Dave Chamberlin
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

I just wanted to know where you got the information about the database being 40% larger with 8i. We are running 7.4.4 on a k460 4-way. It runs ok most of the time, but we will be going to 8i/11i next year. I am looking for any info on that scenario.
Matt Walls

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

We are running a V2500 32 CPU's 24 gig memory, connected to a XP256 ( migrating soon to a 512)

Apps are 11.0 and DB is 8.1.5

we are still in the planning stages to move to 8i/11i. however, are initial estimates show that it should not be too painful
Anil Sangam
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

Did you solve your issue yet? We're having the same problem where we're trying to install an Oracle 8.1.6 32 bit instance on HP N Class Server with HP 11 64 bit OS ? Are there any patches available that can take care of this issue. Everytime we start the instance, it gives a memory out allocation error. We tried reducing the size of the SGA to go under 1.75 GB, but it still doesn't work.

Is the 1.75 GB limitation only for Oracle instances or ALL 32 bit Applications on HP ?

Thanks for your help.
HP 64 Bit OS and Oracle 8.1.6 32 bit
Byron Myers
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

Have you set shmmax on your N box to 1 GB? If not try this, and set your Oracle sga to like 1.5GB. 32 bit apps can still only get 1GB shared memory segments, even on 64-bit 11.0. This setting should allocate you 1.5GB shared memory comprised of two segments.
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Dave Wherry
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

I agree very much with Stefan's comment on getting faster disks. I have some AutoRaids on K260's which are terribly slow. My production database was on a K570 - 6 way using two FC30 arrays. It too was terribly slow. When we moved our data to an XP256 we saw a 20-40% improvement in run times on the majority of our jobs. Following that we moved to a V2500 and things have been great.

Which leads to the CPU question. Rather than spend money and time on a K upgrade, I'd move to an L or N. The K's are middle aged at best. If you add the cost of the upgrade to your maintenance costs on a K, you might even save money going to an L or N. The new systems would be under warranty for the first year. You can upgrade the maintenance for that year and it likely would still be less than what you are paying on the K.
Mark Grossman
Regular Advisor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

we are in much the same boat here. We have an N 4000 box with 8/440 cpu's and 8gig memory, and 2-12H autoraids (fully populated with 9g drives - hold down the laughter please). Runing hp-ux11.0 64 bit also.This box runs only 2 production data bases totalling around 60 gig, with approx 200 concurrent users at one time. they are running Oracle financials. So, its got plenty of cpu and memory but fairly slow disk .

We also have a K450 with 4/160mhz cpus, 1.5gig memory and 2 mod20 nike arrays(I asked you to hold the laughter down). This box runs 4 test and dev databases approx 240 gig total. Same Oracle Financials.

We also need to convert to Oracle 8i/11i soon and are faced with the 'middle tier scenario'.

We have been trying to convince management to get an L2000 with fast disk, 4/440 cpu and 4 gig memory to replace the K box for test and dev. Then use the K box with its obsolete nike arrays for middle tier forms and apps. I agree with Dave W. that its crazy to throw lots more money at the K450 for upgrades to get thru this migration.

If we do have to remain on these 2 boxes we will have to throw money at the K450, and end up with middle tier or test databases on our 'production' N box when migration is over. Plus with only these 2 boxes the dba's and apps folks are not happy about the difficulty of the migration.

From reading this thread I am not totally sure the folks who are running 8i/11i are saying they are running the middle tier on their production boxes or using a separate middle tier box. It sounds like you lucky folks with V class boxes and fast disk can get away with no physical box for the middle tier.

This is already a huge project becoming a here and i'm always searching the forums for info on these Oracle 8i/11i conversions. Unfortunately not a lot of folks seem to have been thru this yet. So far this is the best thread i've found. Anyone willing to share info is more than welcome to email me at

thanks all
Javier Ballesteros
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

Dear Byron,
We are now at HP-UX 10.20 and Oracle 7.3.4 and are planning to move to HP-UX 11 64-bit and Oracle 8.
We are looking for information about HP-UX and Oracle requirements. Where did you get your information about the Oracle requirements?
Thank you.
JosT M. del Rfo
Hakan Eren
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Sizing for Upgrade to Apps 11i and Oracle 8i.

I used the following for sizing.
# of users one CPU support 70
Resource uilization factor 60%
Database tier Memory Req for user connection 2MB
OAS/Form Server Mem.req. for user connection 8MB
Number of add.CPU for OS functions 1
Oracle8i SW Size 1,355MB
Oracle8i Initial DB Size 8,100MB
Oracle8i Assumption: SGA Size for 100 users 1,024MB
Oracle Appl. SW Size 7,200MB
Oracle Appl. SW (OAS/FS/RS) 3,200
OAS memory req. on the server (Assumption) 256MB
HP-UX(64-bit) OS Size + Swap Size (Assumption) 4,000MB+
HP-UX Memory Requirement on the server 256-512MB
Database Growth Rate (For one year) 30%
Oracle archive Files (in terms of DB size) 10-30%
OS available space any time 20%

Keep in mind you will need at least 20-30GB space for 11i
installation. (If you cannot add up to 30GB+, 30GB min. is safe)
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