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HP UX 10.20 & Citrix Problem

Occasional Visitor

HP UX 10.20 & Citrix Problem


One of the customer place we had a Citrix Metaframe installed on Win2k with certain application published. Customer has HP UX 10.20 installed with ICA client which eventually talks to Citrix/ win2k server for accessing published application.

Customer also have few nos. of dumb terminal HP UX ENVIZEX having 6 MB RAM without HDD which are connected to HP UX server.

While trying to access published application on win2k thro' HP UX server from this Dumb terminal, it gives following error:

1) Citrix ICA client error
32: The X request 53.0 caused error " 11: Bad alloc (insufficient resources for operation) quit.
2) Not enough memory for all tasks.
Also on terminal window it shows " Recursive X error detected."

Dumb terminal is getting connected to published application but on trying to access or open it, it gives above mention error. While is works perfectly okay running it from Ux server 10.20 itself.

Request your assistance to resolve this problem.

Thanks & Regards

Stefan Schulz
Honored Contributor

Re: HP UX 10.20 & Citrix Problem


as i don't have experience with dumb terminals this is just a guess:

The ICA Client is a nice tool, but doesn't allow to forward the XWindow to another Client or Terminal.

So i thinkt the ICA Client is runnung on your HP-UX server and tries to forward the XWindow to this terminal which ist not supported AFAIK.

Think you won't see the output of an ICA Client on another display than where the ICA client is running.

Hope this helps

Regards Stefan
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Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: HP UX 10.20 & Citrix Problem

I'm pretty certain this is just down to insufficient memory in the xterminal, 6MB is very very low .... how many PC's could get away with this these days .....

try rebooting the xterminal to free up memory or check using the following commands :

remsh get log
remsh get stats
remsh hpwina24 get stats
Installed Ram: 24576KB
Current Free: 19494KB
Used by backing store: 0.0KB
Backing store reclaimed: 0 times
Cached fonts: 3
Used by font cache: 12.4KB


ps ( remsh reboot maybe of use )

The hpux server will no doubt have more memory as a rough guide I'd be looking at getting at least 16MB's in it if it were my box.