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HP-UX 11.0 upgrade

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Orville McGrath
Occasional Visitor

HP-UX 11.0 upgrade

I have a Oracle 7.3.4 database running on HP_UX 10.20. We are planning to upgrade to HP-UX 11.O soon. Someone tells me that I am going to have to reload Oracle software and re-create the database after the upgrade. Can someone please shed some light on this and the challenges ahead. I am the default DBA, not the System Administrator.
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: HP-UX 11.0 upgrade


Here are some links to get you started:,1150,0x7f820559ff7cd4118fef0090279cd0f9,00.html

Do a search in this forum for 'Oracle and 10.20' or 'Oracle and upgrade' for starters.