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Re: HP-UX Backup solutions for Oracle

Mauro Livi
Valued Contributor

HP-UX Backup solutions for Oracle

Hi all,

Just wanted to get something of a general opinion of a good product available to perform general backup tasks on an HP-UX 11.31 OS that works well with Oracle RMAN.

We've used Netbackup and that's pretty robust, and I've heard CommVault's product (Sympana I think it is), works well too.


But other than those two, perhaps some of you have used other products, so I'd be interested in your opinion/experiences good/bad with those particular products.


Just looking for some feedback as we start to evaluate various backup solutions.







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Aneesh Mohan
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX Backup solutions for Oracle




If you are going to use Oracle RMAN backup backup (online) then  you need backup software to handle only Media Management part , remaing all  backup configuration and optimization parts need to be done in RMAN level  this can be done using backup management GUI as well.


I work with HP Dataprotector and EMC networker for Oracle backup , since Oracle RMAN does all major work  backup software role is limited to assigning drives and media and updating backup catlog with backup session information.


From my experience HP Dataprotector works pretty well for Oracle RMAN backup and recovery and also it has Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recocery extension available for Oracle database RMAN backup .



Sincere Regards,




Eric Antunes
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX Backup solutions for Oracle


We have been working with HP Dataprotector since 2006 and are satisfied with it since you can backup Oracle and SQL Server databases, HP-UX and windows filesystems and Exchange Server and mailboxes as well as virtual environments.

Best Regards,


Each and every day is a good day to learn.
Mauro Livi
Valued Contributor

Re: HP-UX Backup solutions for Oracle

Thank you - points assigned

Wim Rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX Backup solutions for Oracle

For as much as it still matters : We used Data protector for online backups of our Oracle databases, but we stopped doing that.

Why ? It's (to my opinion) utterly expensive for just a media manager, as that is indeed all that Data Protector does.

In the past, D.P. had a floating online integration license, so that one license was sufficient to backup all of our 10 Oracle servers, together with our Exchange servers and MS-SQLservers.


Now, we have a created and scheduled our own RMAN backup-to-disk scripts, and Data Protector backs these up with a simple FileSystem backup.


Advantage : Much cheaper and a much quicker in restoring data

Disadvantage : Data Protector makes creating RMAN script for backup (and certainly) restore very simple. Without D.P. you have to know more about RMAN and about doing restore and recovery with RMAN.