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HP-UX CRA (Critical Resource Analysis) whitepaper - need inputs

HP-UX CRA (Critical Resource Analysis) whitepaper - need inputs


In the process of writing use-case scenarios
for internal testing, we came up with a set of various CRA scenarios (ie. various administration operations like, PCI olrad, DLKM, etc), in the context of HP-UX I/O operation.
We're planning to convert the same use-case scenarios into a end-customer usable whitepaper and in this regard, we'd like to seek inputs/comments from folks on this forum.

I'd appreciate your inputs/comments on the attached draft doc, in terms of :

1. the usefulness of such a whitepaper to HP-UX user community in general, and sys admins in particular.

2. your comments/feedback on the technical content and any suggestions/corrections to further improve the content

3. any comments on the overall
structure/format of the draft whitepaper and any suggestions to further improve the same.

Pls see the attached draft.

Thanks in advance