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HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

Hi Guys,

I have to upgrade the server from HP-UX 11.0 to HP-UX 11.11.

I have a c/ansi installed on my current machine, do i need to reinstall the c/ansi after upgrading it to new OS HP-UX 11.11?

Do I need to buy a new license?

D Block 2
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Re: HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

h'mm so u have c/ansi C ?

you might want to check w/ HP Help Desk on this one, but generally once you purchase a valid license it should also be supported on the next release of the OS. Though, sometimes the license structure will change base on number of cpu's.. like Oracle or the hardware. Maybe might cost abit more..

check out the site:

and try to send an email to the perspective email using the above link.

Also, note that the Compiler of course will be different, or at least the version. Hint: test out all our Builds after the upgrade, you might find the Warnings and possible re-coding issues. Best, to consult the Porting Guide on this one.

The run-time libraries should be present for both: 11.0 and 11i on the new system. This you should try to understand what the issues might be related to performance regarding mix-mode matching of 11.0 and 11i libraries.

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Marcin O.
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Re: HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

I asked my friend in HP and he said that shouldn't be any problem with compiler and license after system update.
If you want direct response from HP you could always make case to ask in itrc even without contract.
Dennis Handly
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Re: HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

>I asked my friend in HP and he said that shouldn't be any problem with compiler and license after system update.

If you have a support contract for C, you can just get the latest version.

Possible problems I see with the upgrade. If you decide to listen to everyone here, you'll cold install and then there is a chance you don't have the original application CD, or forgot the codeword. And if you remembered all of that, there is a chance it won't install unless you use -x allow_incompatible=true, which won't work very well if you happen to have the CD for 11.23 or later.
Joelmel Roche
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Re: HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

Check the latest version for 11.11 bro..
Steven E. Protter
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Re: HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

Shalom Marvin,

If you have a software support agreement you don't need another license to Ansi/C

upgrade-ux is a bad way to upgrade, it causes problems and has proven less than reliable.

Do a cold install, make sure your software contract is up to date and order the application dvd'd along with the OS DVD's

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: HP-UX OS Upgrade (c/ansi)

Hi Marvin,

You need to get C/Ansi C for 11.11 software

if you have a valid support contract
You can obtain from SUM (Software update manager from ITRC)

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