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HP-UX email system

Stacey Lyons
Occasional Contributor

HP-UX email system

We have a closed network using NIS and would like to setup an email system such that when email is sent to a user it is routed to a server (instead of to individual workstations) so that a user may check his mail at any workstation. Can you give me guidance on what needs to be done? I'm really new to all this so please be gentle.
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX email system

It's easier than it sounds, really.

The general idea is for all users to send email to a central server, and all the clients then pick up their mail from that server.

There are several protocols that can be implemented to do what you are asking... to me, IMAP sounds like the way to go from a client-interface point-of-view (ie: receiving email), and SMTP as an outgoing protocol (sending email). You could use POP instead of IMAP, but IMAP is good at leaving messages on the server. POP wants to download the messages to the client.

There are freeware IMAP servers out there (I don't recall if HP-UX has one built-in, but as I recall, it doesn't) that you can find. Search the internet for IMAP and HP-UX. There are websites out there also that have software such as this already ported to HP-UX and compiled as well. You should make a note of these sites, as they can be very handy. Links to them appear occasionally in this forum, so if nobody responds with the address, I'm sure you can find it in here somewhere.

I would use "sendmail" for the SMTP processing. Sendmail is not so straightforward, but you would have a very simple configuration.

Good luck!

No matter where you go, there you are.
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Re: HP-UX email system

You could use the standard MAILX program that comes with hpux, but I agree with the previous poster that sendmail is a better alternative.

It is very easy to configure.

Try this link, it's the same steps for hpux11.00,,0xc11606350fe2d61190050090279cd0f9,00.html

Sean OB_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX email system

This is relatively easy.

Setup sendmail on your server for outgoing mail.

Setup either POP or IMAP for checking mail. POP is enabled by default, but it doesn't like users to leave mail on the server. IMAP is better at that, but HPUX doesn't come with an IMAP server.

Then setup an MX record in your DNS so that all mail for your domain goes to the server you have POP/IMAP set up on.