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HP UX practice

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HP UX practice

I want to practice for the HP ux from my desktop since the HP test drive not working.

Can some one help me...

Re: HP UX practice

So the only real option now for those who don't work for HP or don't have a sandpit system in their environment already is to go buy an old workstation off eBay or similar. There are usually plenty of C class workstations on there at reasonable prices...



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Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: HP UX practice

Good advise to buy a second hand unix box, for example I use C3000 , it is very good for test purpose. Recommend it if you can afford to buy.
Setup a MobaXterm free version as Unix Browser for Windows, working great!
Emil Velez
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Re: HP UX practice

Learn Linux and use LVM.

Major differences
1. WHere the RC Scripts are
2. Ignite (no option)

1. LVM is similar in commands and concepts
2. Basic Unix utilities
apache, TUSC, lsof, performance tools,
are the same.

I go the other way. I do training on HP Linux products but I am a HPUX expert and I can get by understanding these differences.

agree with Ebay recommendations.. Basic 11.11 or 11.23 would be a good solution. If you can get a integrity box cheap that would have more life.

Good luck.
Raj D.
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Re: HP UX practice

How much you can spend for learning hp-ux , that depends on what you can get,

on Ebay you can get C class workstation at $575 with hp-ux 11i , i.e approximately Rs.25k.

You may check international shipping options.

Otherwise try to find some old hp box from nearby HP resellers there, may be some good deal, I remember there was lot of Servers lying in the top floor in my office and they were staying for long time in rain , sunshine and in winter all the way uncovered, they were old K class & G class, E45 etc, during 1998 to 2000 in Maharashtra. So if you find something like that old server or workstation, you can practice happily, remember they will consume a good amount of power.
Happy Learning!,

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