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HP-UX with oracle10G please...

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HP-UX with oracle10G please...

sorry for posting same message in another forum.
Hi, i am having system Model:9000/800/A500-
6X and HP-UX version B.11.11.
with oracle10G. its having the database name MYDB.
My question is, i have to create the another database as NEWDB, how to ceate new database please help me sir iam new to HP-UX and oracle
let me know the procedure for creating the database....
Thank you,
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX with oracle10G please...


you can use "dbca" to create a new database. dbca requires a X-session. read this doc how to use it:

connect with a x-window-client ( e.g. to hpux to start dbca.


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Re: HP-UX with oracle10G please...

iam having the database MYDB and i have to create another database in the same system, shell i stop the existing database? and what necessary actio to be take before installing another databse...?
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: HP-UX with oracle10G please...

You don't have to stop the current DB.
Create a new DB with the tool dbca.

Check also that you have enough diskspace to creat an extra db
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Re: HP-UX with oracle10G please...

hi Ramana,

Depending on the amount of resources you are going to allocate to the new database, it is quite straight-forward to create a new database using the Database configuration assistant. Just run dbca. There is no need to stop the currently running database. The dbca is rather intuitive and you have to follow the same steps you had followed for the creation of the first database.

good luck

kind regards
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