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HP e-pc and Linux

Kan Chin
Occasional Visitor

HP e-pc and Linux

On June 16, Eric Harvill posted a question in this forum on installing Linux RedHat 7.0 and Mandrake 7.2 on e-pc. Both OSs only recognized 64MB RAM although the e-PC has 128MB. I've tried the expert's suggestion to force the operating system to use all the amount of memory installed, by passing options to the kernel:

Using Lilo (file /etc/lilo.conf) :

The OS booted until memory check, then crashed under general protection fault. The message displayed on the screen are copied as follows:

Memory: 127912K/131072K avai..
general protection fault
eax:0000009f ebx:c7fff0d8 ecx:ffffffff edx:c03ac000
esi:00000028 edi:ffffffff ebp:c7ffffe0 esp:c0233f46
process swapper cpid:0, process nr:0, stackpage:c0233000
stack: ...
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task
In swapper task - not syncing

Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: HP e-pc and Linux


Does it work well if you specify "mem=64M" ?

You can try to diagnose a hardware defect or bad connection with your memory cards. Try one, then the other, or try swapping them, or unplug and re-plug them.

Good luck.


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Learn and explain...
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Re: HP e-pc and Linux


Try mem=127M

If you want to know more, read

masanari iida
Kan Chin
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Re: HP e-pc and Linux

I've tried RedHat 7.1 on epc.
The installation went through without a hiccup.
Thanks for your kind help anyway!