HP monitor a4331a geometry problem ?

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HP monitor a4331a geometry problem ?

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I have bay a second hand HP monitor A4331a, and have litle problem with geometry.
The picture have some eagle 1 degree to the right, and there is no control for that distorzion on the monitors OSD control panel.

Is there exist any service mod, for this monitors where i can fix this problem and similar !

I found that there is one serial port on the left side of the monitor, probably for programing monitor eprom for some factori default set up.....but I have no program and have no interface for this serial port.
Can I get some software and shematics for programing this setings ?

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Re: HP monitor a4331a geometry problem ?

I have run in this problem once with a similar monitor. It's hard to find a service reference for these monitors.

If you take off the back cover you will find several adjustable resistors which are labeled with focus etc.

But BE CAREFUL playing around with them, you can get in serious trouble if you change more than one setting at a time!

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Re: HP monitor a4331a geometry problem ?


have a look at this site: