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Re: HP unix striping

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HP unix striping

Hi, experts,

I am going to create lv with striping. May I know what is the recommended stripe size if the lv size is 70GB ?


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Re: HP unix striping

The size of the LVOL doesn't really matter. There is really no answer except "it depends". If this is conventional striping and you are using a vxfs filesystem then typically optimum stripe size is 64KiB-128KiB. If you are doing extent-based striping then the smallest PE-size that will let you fully utilize your disks is the best size for performance. In most cases, extent-based striping doesn't really make a big performance difference because the smallest possible PE-size (1 MiB) is still a very large stripe size to efficiently spread i/o.

Your question is simply much too vague to answer.
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Re: HP unix striping

To add to A. Clay's comment, the storage type involved. When we moved from an XP512 to an EVA striping became a thing of the past.

Little more info, please.


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Re: HP unix striping

And to add to Clay if I may.

If only doing lv striping which has no type of protection, again, it makes little difference especially when you have a disk failure and the data is now corrupt and unusable.

Pick a number from 64k-128k. ( power of 2k :)