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HP3000 - hardware migration options question


HP3000 - hardware migration options question

Hi everyone,


We currently have 4 x HP3000 servers.............2 x 918RX, a 939KS and a 957SX all with SureStore A3700 disk arrays attached directly to each server.


There is a project underway to attempt to understand if there is a hardware migration path to move off our dedicated HP3000s onto some other piece of tin that will run MPE. There have been concerns raised over the age of the servers and decreasing availability of spares. We have also been asked to relocate these machines which has further raised peoples concerns.


Is anyone able to share any information on this or any documentation that they may have that details this please ?


What i was hoping is that there is a newer piece of tin out there somewhere that we could do some sort of backup and restore migration across too, with obviously a LOT of testing afterwards ! :smileyhappy:


Many thanks to anyone being able to reply.




donna hofmeister
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP3000 - hardware migration options question

there's a host of choices -- all of course driven by how much money you have to spend.


1. stay on mpe (really!).  the systems you have all have readily-accessible replacement parts.  Any reputable 3rd-party hardware support vendor should be able to take care of you.  alternatively, you can upgrade newer hardware (a-/n-class servers, va array) and (still) be good-to-go for many years.  (you'd be suprised how many folks are opting for this kind of solution, especially in this economy)

2. some companies do end-to-end conversions (speedware comes to mind).

3. other companies have "look and feel" solutions (screen jet and eloquence are good examples).

4. even others companies (including mine (allegro consultants)) can do data extractions in an import-friendly format.