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HP9000 w/ Informix & Oracle

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Darren Etheridge_2
Super Advisor

HP9000 w/ Informix & Oracle

We are considering purchasing Oracle for our HP 9000 K-370 Server, but I have a question. Can Oracle and Informix reside on the same machine or is there a problem running both databases on the same box? I would love to scrap Informix and go all Oracle, but some of our applications are not ported for Oracle yet.
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: HP9000 w/ Informix & Oracle

Hi Darren:

No the two products will co-exist just fine. The problems you will encounter will be resources if both are whomping big databases and need tons of shared memory. You could also be processor bound. I would certainly make sure I'm running 2 or more processors and have plenty of memory. The good news is that there are no inherent problems with running both products simultaneously and with a bit of work will even talk to each other.

Regards, Clay
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