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Re: HP9000 window terminal in block mode


To calrify what I need :

In fact I don't have anymore a HP3000 server, my HP3000 application were migrated on a HP9000 server, that's why I need to turn on block mode on a HP9000 window terminal.


Jose Mosquera
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Re: HP9000 window terminal in block mode


You need a MS-Windows (R) emulator's software that support block-mode terminal configuration for your native HP3000's application recently migrated to a HP9000 environment. This allow that MS-Windows (R) users can work from PCs against your aplication running in HP9000. If this is your scenario please attend to the comments Rick, Donna and Bill.

Please excuse me the emphasis that I have done in the word "windows", I think it may be open to misinterpretation. :)

Bill Hassell
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Re: HP9000 window terminal in block mode

Downlod QCTerm from

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Stan Sieler
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Re: HP9000 window terminal in block mode

Hi Stf,

So...a couple of things...

1. What is trying to use block mode?

This really boils down to *how* was your application migrated from the 3000?

The reason I ask is that most 3000 applications that used blockmode did it via the VIEW library, which was never moved by HP to the 9000 :(

Thus, users who did in-house migration are extremely unlikely to have left their applications still using VIEW.

Some vendors have VIEW-compatible HP-UX subsystems that they sell ... are you using one of these?

2. Wait ... aren't there any other users at your site?

How did *they* solve this problem? I.e., if you didn't do the migration yourself, *somebody* did, and they know the answer to your question :)

3. Environment

There are a number of ways you could end up using block mode on HP-UX:

- login to your HP-UX system via an X-Windows method
(e.g., CDE, or something similar)

Then, use HP's "hpterm" instead of "xtem" or "dterm".
"hpterm" is the world's *worst* HP emulator ... no, I take that back, it's the world's second-worst HP terminal emulator (the one that runs in a web page is the worst :) does support block mode (I used to use it
every day via a 9000 workstation ... I used it with vt3k to connect to an HP 3000.

Note: I'm not sure if HP still ships hpterm with HP-UX.
On our system it's found in /usr/contrib/bin/X11/hpterm

- login via telnet, using a third-party HP terminal emulator

-- QCTerm is free, and works very well. It runs on Windows and uses either telner or a serial connection.

-- Attachmate (formerly Walker, Richer and Quinn)'s Reflection for HP 3000 is a commercial product that works extremely well. I use it everyday, including some block mode use.

Hope that helps,
Gary Henry_1
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Re: HP9000 window terminal in block mode

Stan, It was not clear to me in your description if you had a solution for:

1 - Connecting to an HP-UX system using a block mode terminal/emulator and using block mode on HP-UX.
2 - Using the hpterm terminal/emulator on HP-UX to connect to an HP3000 using block mode on the HP3000.

Did you ever have block mode working for option 1? If so, what version of HP-UX did you use? I was under the impression that as of HP-UX 11.0, HP dropped support for block mode terminals. We want to test our block mode terminal emulator but we need to find a system that supports block mode at the time we connect to it. Our customer uses our block mode terminal emulator on an HP3000 but we don't have an HP3000 anymore. Before we try to install an old HP-UX operating system, do you think HP-UX prior to 11.0 could be used for testing our block mode emulator.